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Personal service gives Aiken the edge

From the Aiken Standard, December 27 2010

In planning for a new camera purchase for work, I was dreading the hours I would spend searching the Internet or browsing the sales fliers to find the best deal. Turns out, the best deal was right at Chris' Camera Center in downtown Aiken.

The personal service was outstanding and the price was comparable to any deal found on the Internet or at a large department store. The difference was having experts advise me on which camera would best suit my needs. I purchased a digital camera, and then Mr. Lydle programmed it for immediate use. Talk about customer service - I can maneuver most manuals for electronics, but it's not my favorite thing to do!

The entire experience was enjoyable, and it was refreshing to speak and work with a business owner that could not only assist me with the purchase, but also recommend equipment to consider going forward to make my job easier.

Muriel Carter



I received the CYK bulb today

"Thank you for sending this bulb to me.

"It is very nice to know that people can do business over the internet / phone and be sure of excellent service.

"Have a great day !


Kingston, ON , Canada

"Chris’ Camera Center makes my photos look as good as when I served in “The Big Red One”

Cpl. James LeRoy Shull, rtd.

"My photos are important to me. Chris treats my photos and me with respect and gives me the service I want. 

"Great copies and restoration of my old photos, when I want them!"

Roy Shull served from July 31, 1939 to July 31, 1945. His service awards include 3 Purple Hearts, the Distinguished Service Citation, the French Croix de Guerre with Palm Branch and the Belgian Croix de Guerre. The First Infantry Division, “The Big Red One,” earned the Presidential Unit Citation for extraordinary service. 

…Thanks for serving our nation, and thanks for being our customer.

"I didn't really understand digital cameras until Chris taught me."

Lionel Smith, Lionel Smith Ltd. 

"I knew there was something special about digital cameras but I didn't really know what it was until I took Chris Lydle's digital camera course. The course was free when I bought my camera.

"Knowing little-to-nothing about digital cameras, I wanted to talk to the most authoritative person I knew - that was Chris.

"Chris made the whole thing meant sense. Digital cameras are great, and as far as I'm concerned the only place to get one is at Chris' Camera Center."

…thanks for your confidence, Smitty!

"Using Chris' Camera Center is the ideal scenario"

Anne Campbell, Dogwood Stable

"I take photos for an important arm of Dogwood Stable… the Dogwood Newsletter.

"Using Chris' Camera Center is the ideal scenario.

"I take the photos, Chris' Camera Center actually improves them, and gets them back to me quickly.  

"Great service, great employees"

…and our thanks for being such a great customer, Anne!

"At Chris' Camera Center they know what they're talking about"

Sara Wampole, one of Aiken's best nature photographers

"I like to buy all my cameras and accessories at Chris' Camera Center because they really know what they're talking about. 

"When I don't know how to do something - they do! Especially Kimberly.

"David and Chris are OK, too."

Sara Wampole leads nature walks in Hitchcock Woods for the community. She's a coach for Senior Net at USCA, and is the official photographer for STAR. (special therapeutic riding for children and adults.)

…thanks for being a good customer and a good friend to the community, Sara.

“Mommy & Daddy take pictures, but my Granddaddy is the only one who ever makes prints”

“My Mommy and Daddy are used to the latest computers and they both have digital cameras - but when they want their photos of me to really look good, they let Granddaddy make real photo prints.

“Granddaddy wants my pictures to be the best!!!"

Elizabeth Logan Lydle, Atlanta

…thanks for being such a good model and a wonderful granddaughter, Elizabeth