All is not lost…

We can usually recover lost photos from your memory card

It doesn’t take much to make the photos disappear from digital “film”:

Whether you selected "erase all" when you just wanted to erase one photo, or you had a power failure while copying pictures to the computer.

Sometimes it seems you just have to look at the card sideways.

At Chris’ Camera Center, we’ve got special hardware and software that can often recover lost or scrambled images, even from cards that have been reformatted. Just bring us your memory card, and don’t make matters worse by taking additional photos. We’ll copy recovered photos to a CD.

  • Up to 512MB $29.99.
  • Larger cards, $39.99 and up.

It’s guaranteed - If we can’t recover any pictures there is no charge.

If it happens to a PROmaster card bought from Chris, we’ll do this recovery protocol  free!