PicPocket Instructions for bringing us photos from your computer:


Because so many people in our market area do not have broadband service for their computers, we've devise an easier way to bring us photo from the computer


a PicPocket is a USB thumb drive that we’ve configured for just this purpose)


First, put the PicPocket into a USB drive.

Using the Windows program My Computer, find the photos you want to transport  


      Select the photos by clicking the left button of the mouse on the picture you want. If you more than one, use “Ctrl” plus the left click (in the picture at right, the selected photos have a blue border and the name is in a blue box)


Once you’ve selected the ones you want, right click on one of them. (click with the right button of your mouse)

Select “send to” and when a menu pops up, choose “PicPocket”

Wait until the transfer is done before removing the PicPocket and bringing it to Chris’ Camera Center